3D Buttoning

How to

3D Buttoning

To open and close buttons in the VStitcher, you have to prepare the style in GRAFIS first. 

  • Open a style with buttoning.
  • Now open the stitching module and proceed as usual. Just skip the sewing of button and buttonhole positions.
  • Instead of the known button generate Dot Stitch activate the new one generate Button-Buttonhole point positions.

Make sure that no Dot Stitch is set.

  • Connect the corresponding button and buttonhole positions with each other. At this point, the order is not relevant.
  • Leave the stitching, do a test run of all parts and save the style.
  • Open the style in the VStitcher.
  • Choose a button from the Libraries in the Materials tab.
  • Change to Garment and find the selected button under Trims as a Piece Assignable.
  • Activate the button and select Assign from the toolbar.
  • Now click the corresponting button and buttonhole positions. At this point, the correct order is important. First the button, than the buttonhole.
  • If you now prepare the style and dress the avatar, the buttons close automatically.
  • Change to Select and click one of the assigned buttons.
  • A menu opens on the right side, where you can adjust the properties of the button and buttonhole.
  • Tick off Buttoned and dress again.
  • The button remains open now.