Bodice without bust dart

How to

Bodice without bust dart

If you close the bust dart in a bodice basic bloc, you have to make some adjustments to keep the entire shape.

  • Call Bodice 10 activate it with a double click and open the options.
  • Relocate the bust dart to the side seam and align it horizontally.
  • Leave the options and set the comparison in the basic menu.
  • Now go the the drag area bust dart and set the dart content to 0.

With the help of the comparison, you can see which areas are affected by the changes.

  • To adjust the basic block, go to the drag area side seam and drag the lower armhole point to its original position.
  • Afterwards change to tolerance horizontal + vertical reduce the front width. This brings the armhole closer to its original position.
  • Also adjust the hem via the tolerances.