How to


1. Prepare bodice 80

You can call a sleeve to the leg opening of bodice 80 and use it as leg piece. For this, some preparations have to be done.

  • Create 2 global x values for the reduction in x and y direction.
  • Call bodice 80 (part 1) and activate the interactive construction.
  • Enter the xg values for the reduction and change the proportion of the leg opening slightly.
  • Insert the part into a new part (part 2).
    We advise to not work directly in the basic block.
  • Separate the leg opening in front and back part in the lower corner and link the lines of the leg opening.
  • Mirror front and back part each on the middle lines and move the parts toghether at the waist. This is for a better overview when picking the sleeve.
  • Use tool "perforation 10" to construct the needed pick points at the leg openings.

2. Adjust sleeve as leg

  • Open a new empty part and insert the side seam below the waist.
  • Create the z values tha you will need for the adjustment of the sleeve. Use g and xg values.
    The length of the inserted side seam is needed as z value as well.
  • Call sleeve 80 in the same part only after you created the z values.
  • Pick the prepared lines and points of part 2.
  • Change the options and deactivate the automatic length adjustment temporarily.
    The sleeve length and the hem width must be adjusted as x values.
  • Use the created z values to adjust the sleeve.
  • Construct a verticacl line 20 at 50% of the upper arm line.
  • Construct a horizontal line 10 for the knee at 50% of the line 20.
  • Separate at the intersection and construct one more line 10 at 50% for the calf.
  • Use the respective z values.
  • Construct a new curve for the side seam and mirror it at the middle line.
  • Reactivate the opition "automatic length adjustment".