Known issues

Known problems in versions 12 & 23 and their solutions

This page is dedicated to problems and issues within the GRAFIS application, especially regarding basic blocks and Setup. Help for general problems and questions about GRAFIS can be found here:

Problems with GRAFIS 23 and Windows Defender

Parts of the GRAFIS package supplied by us were recently classified as a threat by Windows Defender and blocked. These are so-called "false positive" hits. This is caused by code sequences that Windows Defender uses to check data for viruses. Some of these probably also occur in our applications, but are completely harmless there. All our data is generally checked for viruses or other malware before it is made available and is therefore definitely harmless.

Possible solutions

The file can be restored using the Action button. However, it can happen that the "false positive detection" occurs again after every Windows update.

The following instructions can also be used to define general exceptions for Windows Defender:

You can then switch between Windows 11 and Windows 10.
This gives you the option of declaring the exe files or the entire GRAFIS folder as safe.
In this context, it is also important to mention that the GRAFIS download directory (Downloads -> Grafis-Downloads) must also be declared as an exception - otherwise the file may be quarantined as soon as it is downloaded.

(December 2023)

Problem with Version 12 Release 45

In GRAFIS V12.00 Rel. 45 a tiny GRAFIS.INI file may be created in the current measurement system. This file is not allowed in this place. Currently known is only one reason: the interactive mode with its function "Auto Zoom" in context menu. When this GRAFIS.INI file exists, after a restart the GRAFIS window will show no more function buttons but the old text menu instead. But also other problems may occur, e.g. missing basic blocks or symbols, plotter/printer problems or similar.

To solve this issue this damaged GRAFIS.INI file in the measurement system has to be deleted and GRAFIS needs a restart. With V12.00 Rel. 46 this issue is solved and these wrong GRAFIS.INI files will be deleted automatically when they exist.

GRAFIS Version 12 Release 39

In the past months we have made some improvements to GRAFIS CAD Version 12.

  • Problems with mouse clicks solved
  • Jacket 10: overcut in neckline curve front to center line solved
  • speed up in display when using interactive tools, esp. with interactive measurements
  • seam and marking lines now available as objects in CutDataDXF export, additional enhancements in CutDataDXF
  • enabled switching visibility of pieces while using interactive menu
  • remaining capacity of timer and counter licenses during startup
  • dongle test program can be used now to install V2C files (dongle updates)
  • fabric and category settings can be used with multiple selection (piece list)
  • real plot/print width sent to plot manager, instead of frame size
  • enhanced picture view for options in interactive tools
  • position of splitter control in call list window now stored in relation to main window (for usage on multiple screen setups)
  • corrections in collar 10-30
  • corrections in upper part 30 and 50
  • corrections in jacket 10 and 20

The new release is available now and can be installed via online update.

(March 2020)

GRAFIS Version 12 Release 28

In the past few weeks we have made some improvements to GRAFIS CAD Version 12.

  • make over for basic blocks and tools (e.g. corner 110..130, Body 10, Sleeve 90, Collar)
  • support for UNC paths and long names in GRAFIS_S.KON
  • call of link 30 repaired
  • added support for LB command in HPGL export
  • bug fixes in part assistant (symmetry line)
  • fix in printer setup dialog box (window with printer settings could be covered by GRAFIS window)
  • it is now possible to edit up to 200 sizes at the same time; added warning when this number is exceeded
  • preset for cyclic measuring added

The new release is available now and can be installed via online update.

(January 2019)