How to


In a style you have made a development you want to use in further styles. If you insert the needed lines interactively and save them as module, you can bind and adjust them to other styles.

Only elements inserted interactively can be adjusted.

In this example, we develop a shaped waistband for skirt20  which will be saved as module.

  • Call skirt20 on the screen and open a new part.
  • Insert all necessary lines of the front skirt interactively.
  • Go to the menu transformations and transform the darts. Don't choose intersection here.
  • Do the same with the back skirt.
  • You now have the development parts and the production parts on the screen.
  • Mark all parts in the part organisation you want to save as module.
  • Click save selected parts as module in the part organisation menu.
    The connection to the mother parts is disconnected!
  • Choose a name for the module and save it.
  • Open a new or existing style into which you want to add a shaped waistband as well.
  • Open a new part and click load part module. This button is only activated when you are in an empty part.
  • When you open your saved module, all saved parts appear on the screen and in the part organisation.
  • To bind the module to the current style, leave the part organisation and make a Test Run All Parts.
  • You are now asked to set the clicks for calling the waistband again.

Make sure you can click all lines you used for the module.

  • There is a new dependency and the current basic block becomes the mother part.
  • By inserting the lines interactively, you can now adjust the module at any time.