Overall with co-ordinated dart

How to

Overall with co-ordinated dart

When constructing an overall with waist dart it is desirable to coordinate bodice and trouser darts.

  • Call a bodice on the screen (e.g. bodice 50 ).
  • Open a new part  and insert the upper waist dart lines of the bodice.
  • Create a new z value each for the front and the back ( measured at the end of the lines). 
  • For a better overview delete the dart lines at this point.
  • Call the construction trouser 70  into the same part.

Both constructions should be based on the same measurements. Bodice 60 + trouser 40 (finished measurements) or bodice 10/50/70 + trouser 70 (body measurements).

  • Open the options of the trouser. Here you can adjust the dart positions to the bodice. For this you put the slider at position first dart front at... and position first dart back at... to the lowest position.
  • Insert the generated z values for the dart intent. Pay attention to the correct order of front and back.

To attach the bodice directly to the trouser you can proceed as follows:

  • Insert all lines of the back needed and choose turn and move for deposition.
  • Then follow the same procedure for the front.