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GRAFIS CAD - A new Dimension of Flexibility

The innovative CAD system GRAFIS for the development of clothing and shoes has always been known for its flexibility. However, version 13, recently presented at Texprocess, takes this to a new dimension.

GRAFIS CAD Version 13

Version 13, which was newly presented at the trade show, impresses with many new features that allow unprecedented flexibility in style construction.

With all tools, a type change can also be made subsequently. This means that the style development can be changed fundamentally and flexibly at any time without having to carry out subsequent development steps again. Many new tools have also been added, such as spreading, modeling and relocating darts. This enables the user to carry out several design steps in one tool and to redesign them at any time even after the style has been completed.

During the interactive adjustment, a preview can now be shown, allowing the user to immediately assess the effects of his settings on other parts as well.

The dependencies can be subsequently resolved and modified. Furthermore, this even applies to existing styles from previous versions, so that complex developments can be reused in new styles.

Above all these content-related innovations, there has been a fundamental redesign of the program's look and feel, which has resulted in unprecedented user-friendliness. Intuitive menu navigation makes it much easier, especially for new customers to get started with the program.

Profile-Fit-Pattern 2.0

Another innovation presented by GRAFIS at Texprocess is Profile-Fit-Pattern 2.0, which offers on one hand the possibility to determine body measurements or on the other hand to digitize manual patterns based on digital photos. The edited customer photos are recreated by means with an interactive profile and the body measurements are determined by internal calculations.

The new semi-automatic interactive profile, significantly speeds up this process and minimizes the possibility of errors during application.

In additional, the automatic contour determination eliminates the need to readjust the pattern pieces for grade rule grading.

VStitcher Plugin

In addition to the new functionality, the connection of GRAFIS to the VStitcher from Browzwear for 3D simulation was a big crowd puller. Here, there were also many developments since the last trade show appearance.

For example, avatars can be created automatically from the GRAFIS measurement tables. This is an enormous time advantage not only for custom designs, but also for standard grading. Also, the functionality of the auto update and the stack transfer simplify the workflow immensely.