Raglan sleeve construction

How to

Raglan sleeve construction

1. Prepare bodice

You can combine sleeve 50 and 60 with every bodice. Some preparations, however, have to be done in advance.

  • Call the bodice on the screen (part 1) and insert it into a new part (part2)
    We always advice you not to work with the basic block. So you have access to the original state and can modify the options.
  • To avoid an overlapping of the sleeves later you can put some distance between the front and the back part in the basic block. To do so you select the menu function positioning from the options and pull the front part to the left.
  • Now go back to part 2 and do a test run of all parts. This step is not absolutely necessary but gives you a better overview. You can carry out this action at a later point of time.
  • The darts must not be positioned in the armhole or shoulder. Relocate the darts into the center or back front. Choose the function transformation. You can reverse the transformation after the sleeve construction.
    → How to "Relocate Darts"
  • Armhole and shoulder have to be a continuous line sequence each. Use the function link.

2. Call sleeve

  • Now call the sleeve 50 (for example) into your part 2.
  • You are now asked to click certain lines at the front and back part. If the lines are not linked at this point the click tool cannot use the correct lines.
  • The sleeve now appears automatically on the screen.
  • If you should not be satisfied with the outcome check first of all if you made all preparations mentioned above.