Relocate darts

How to

Relocate Darts

  • Choose the new position for the dart and separate the contour at this position so it can open for the dart.
    • To do so set a new line starting at the original dart point. This line is the first new dart line.
  • Select now the button transformations in the basic menu and choose turn from point to point.
  • Click the dart point as turning point. This point keeps its position and becomes the new dart point.
  • To determine the starting point for angle you first have to think about which elements should stay in their original position. → The starting point is part of the moving part.
    • The starting point for angle is the contour point of the turning dart line; the final point for angle is the contour point of the steady dart line.
  • Now transform all elements which should be relocated along with the dart.
    • Set the button on „- copy“ (The dart lines lie on top of each other).
    • Change to „+ copy“ when transforming the newly set line to create the second dart line.