Saving individual size table in styles

How to

Saving individual size table in styles

When you send styles with an indivudual size table you always have to send the table along. To save time and to prevent you from forgetting to send it you can save the table directly in the style.

  • For this select the help tab in the pull down menu and open the GRAFIS-Setup.
  • Now click on Expert Mode in the setup window and tick Permit password for size table.
  • If you now go to the button size table in the tool box you can click a new field size table locked.
  • Next you will be asked to give a password. This is optional. You can also leave the field blank.

If you only lock the table to save it in the style, don't give a password.

  • By locking the size table, it automatically is saved in the syle and you don't have to send it separately.