Training Version

GRAFIS training version

The free training Version contains all construction and design functions of the full version. Pattern output, data export and import, digitising and editing programming language programs in not enabled. The number of parts and the number of sizes in the size table is limited.
Using this free training version in conjunction with the online help can help interested parties in teaching themselves about Grafis.

Before starting the download please read these hints carefully

  • To run this training version Windows 10/11 must be installed on your PC.
  • In comparison to the full version of GRAFIS, the training version has some restrictions.
    • You can load and save styles, styles can be transferred from the full version to the training version but not vice versa.
    • The training version is limited to a maximum of 20 parts in 10 sizes.
    • Plot/print as well as export/import are not available.
    • The new drag functions are accessible without restriction but forms cannot be saved.
    • It is not possible to save modules.
  • The download file has a size of up to 130 MByte depending on the version. Using a slow internet connection, the download may take a long time. Particularly during peak times the download may abort due to low data transfer rates. In this case please try again later.
  • After successful download of the file, please start the file (e.g. GRFS12EN.EXE). The installation is carried out in two steps. In the first step all files for installation are unzipped into a temporary folder on your PC. In the second step the actual installation will occur. After successful installation, the temporary installation files can be removed via -System Control - Software or via Start menu - "Grafis".
  • The installation program creates a new entry in the Windows start menu and an icon on the desktop.

The GRAFIS training version may be used for private training only. The use for lessons or the training at schools is not allowed. In case of unauthorized use or manipulation of the software we will take legal measures.

The copyright is owned by GRAFIS-Software Dr. K. Friedrich GbR, Viersen, Germany.

Please read carefully the license agreement. If you agree you can continue to the download with the next page.

§ 1 Preamble

The GRAFIS-Software Dr. Kerstin Friedrich GbR (hereinafter named Licensor), Hosterfeldstraße 2, 41747 Viersen, Germany is owner of the exclusive copyrighted utilization rights to the GRAFIS CAD computer program. The test/trial version of the GRAFIS CAD computer program may be downloaded at the website You may use this test/trial version GRAFIS CAD and any updates (hereinafter named GRAFIS CAD) made available by the Licensor only if you agree to this contract between yourself and the Licensor. GRAFIS CAD can only be used on a Windows-PC with the Windows versions 10 or 11.

§ 2 Subject of contract

The subject of this contract is the gratuitous and temporary transfer (loan) of a digital duplicate of GRAFIS CAD by the Licensor to you as user until October 31, 2025.

§ 3 Granting utilization rights

The Licensor grants to you a non-exclusive temporary utilization right (License) in effect until October 31, 2023. to the downloaded copy of GRAFIS CAD, which entitles you to the following acts:

  • You may duplicate your downloaded copy of GRAFIS CAD by copying it to the harddisk or flash memory of a computer (installation) and running it on the computer.
  • You may make a backup copy of GRAFIS CAD on a physical data carrier.
  • You may store your copy of GRAFIS CAD in a local network on a network drive to enable multiple network users to load GRAFIS CAD into the memory of local computers and execute the application. The right of use will be restricted to network users who are employed by the software user or are his legal representatives.
  • You are not entitled to any other copyrighted exploitation privileges extending beyond those stated above. This License may not be transferred. The user is not entitled to make GRAFIS CAD or the License available to third parties for any use by these.

§ 4 Contractual restrictions of use

You agree to use GRAFIS CAD exclusively for test or trial purposes and to investigate if the software has the proper functions needed to meet your requirements. Any use in context with commercial or free-lancer activities and for instruction/teaching purposes is not admitted. If you want to use the GRAFIS CAD software for more than just test or practice purposes, you must rent a corresponding full version.

§ 5 Updates

Updates are minor improvements of GRAFIS CAD, which the Licensor makes available to you at no charge. An obligation of the Licensor to provide updates is not established.

§ 6 Expiration of lending term

Upon expiration of the lending term, the user is obligated to deinstall the duplicate of GRAFIS CAD and to destroy any backup copy made. If a new version of this software is available at that point of time, the user may download and install the new version at the License terms and conditions in effect at that time.

§ 7 Liability for defect of title

The Licensor shall be liable for defects of title only to the extent the Licensor fraudulently concealed any such defect in title at the time the agreement was concluded. In such case, the Licensor's obligation to pay compensation shall be restricted to the damage you incur owing to the fact that you relied on the product being free of such defects.

§ 8 Liability for material defects

The Licensor shall be liable for material defects only to the extent the Licensor fraudulently concealed any such defect in GRAFIS CAD at the time the agreement was concluded. In such case, the Licensor's obligation to pay compensation shall be restricted to the damage you incur owing to the fact that you relied on the product being free of such defects. Any further Licensor liability for material defects is excluded; this applies particularly to consequential harm caused by a defect.

§ 9 Other liability restrictions

(1)   Regardless of their legal nature, the following provisions shall apply to all your claims against the Licensor to compensation for damages or compensation for wasted expenditures which are not covered by Sections 7 and 8. This shall not affect liability under the product liability act or other implementations of Council Directive 85/374/EEC.

(2)   The Licensor shall be liable only for intent and gross negligence unless the damage or the wasted expenditures are caused by a breach of duty not in context with GRAFIS CAD or the utilization rights to GRAFIS CAD.

(3)   The Licensor's employees and legal representatives are personally liable also under the limitations laid out in Section 9.

§ 10 Partial invalidity

If parts of this agreement are, or become invalid, the validity of the agreement as a whole shall not be affected.

§ 11 Choice of law, place of jurisdiction

(1)   The agreement shall exclusively be subject to and governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(2)   If you are a merchant, public-law legal entity or a public-law special asset and have your legal domicile or residence inGermany, the courts competent for our legal domicile are exclusively competent for all legal disputes arising from this contract or its validity.