interactive constructions • grading with body measurements • measurement systems • style based structure • dependency of parts

GRAFIS Interface

work area • part organisation and part rack • toolbox • menu • status bar


screen adjustment • mirrored basic blocks • expert settings • language

Call Basic Block

basic blocks • call list

Open and Save

save/save as • open/open in any folder • data structure • last opend files

Part Organisation

part rack • part organisation • visibility of parts • activate parts • name parts


size table • grading • body measurements • test run • base size

Individual Measurement Charts

file structure • create /adjust individual measurement charts

BestFit & Measurement Filter

BestFit • assign standard measurment charts • figure types • main measurements • create/use measurement filter

Grade Run

create individual grade run • size designation • adjustment of measurement charts

Interactive Constructions

activate interactive menu • drag areas • value adjustment • options • raster • set comparison • variations


comments • save/load/name shapes • help for the basic block


insert lines/part interactively • hereditary • inserting rules • insert lines

Point construction

point on a line/in an intersection/at a partial length/at a relative length/with x-y-coordinates

Set Direction

base direction • difference angle

Separate and Cut

cut line • separate • cut • separate in corner

Right Principle

definition of beginning and end of a line • positive and negative values

Style Structure

name parts • create a development part • heredity • test run in the step-by-step mode

Style Structure & Tools

load shape • front part tool • back part tool • front edge


print out of GRAFIS CAD • scale factor • wrap • settings • hide seam allowances

Arrange and Navigate

zoom • magnificent glass • short cuts • F5/F6/F8/F3 • positioning of parts • scroll wheel

Drag and Rotate Parts

F3 • drag/rotate/ flip parts • roll two pieces • set point to point • scale


parallel 10 • parallel 20 • not interactive parallels • chain • unparallel


link singel lines • link chain • link tool 20 • co-ordinated link tool 30

Line 10 & Line 20

interactive line tools • line from basepoint/direction/length • lines from point to point

Style Structure Rules

organise styles • test run • replace basic blocksstructure of flexible styles

Transformation Move

move with x/y co-ordinates • move from point to point

Transformation Turn

turn from point to point • turn with rotation angle

Transformation Turn & Move

move vector & turn vector• turn & move with 4 points

Transformation Mirror

mirror with mirror line • mirror with 2 points

Transformation List

multiple transformations in one part • transformation & revers transformation • preview


interactive raster tool

X Values I

construction parameter • x values of the record • x value window • create x values • size-dependend x values • use of x values


not interactive points • points with x values • point between 2 points


not interactive lines • line between 2 points • hoizontal/vertical line • perpendicular from point to point • line between interactive objects • freehand line


spread with x values • spread with line

Dart Hood

tool dart hood • pleat hood • change direction

Part Assistant

derivation of production pattern pieces • seam allowances • corners • symbols • special lines


line attributes • special lines • line types with structure/with significance

Corners and Symbols

cornes and symbols • corner tools • (co-ordinated) angle corner • hem corner • change seam allowance • create/move notches • interactive grain line


tool rectangle 10/20 • slit construction • pocket opening  • separate base point from click point


the menu curves • set direction • base direction from direction in base point • insert/bind points • bind curve again

Manipulate Curve

move start and end point • keep character of curve • transition type • lining development skirt


circle 10/20 tool •circle arc • construction of godets • change options

Relocate Darts

relocate parts of a dart • relocate additional objects • relocate darts with x values

Shorten Darts

shorten darts by a certain amount • use x values to shorten darts


pinching through new construction of darts • tools pinch 10 & pinch 20 • save shape of interactive tools

Corners 40 & 50

corner tools • corner with curve/circle/straight line • co-ordinated corner 50

Corners 110 & 120

U corner • co-ordinated U corner • shaped symmetrical or not

Lengthen or Shorten

lengthen to • lengthen by • length as z value


stack point • direction point • recorded stack point • outlay

Measure I: Temporary Measure

distance/length/area/angle/vector measurements • display options •chain measurement

Measure II: Dimensioning

finished measurements • display options • settings • finished measurement table

Manufacturing Symbols

interactive seam tools • buttonholes •symbol shape/length


text menu • text via keyboard/via file • copy text • bind text • delete text

X Values II

global x values • x value window • hold value entry • automatic grading/test run

Z Values

calculated construction parameters • process data permitted as operands • input assistant • straight waistband with z values

Z Values II

display warnings • minimum • reassign z values • set before/after selected z value • basic construction with z values

F12 List

list of interactive constructions • reset clicks • preview window


save/load/bind modules • detach from mother part • sleeve module

Break Sizes

trouser 10 • set break sizes in interactive constructions

X Value Reference

x reference • reference size • individual measurement charts • bestfit

Alternative Reference Size

expert mode • size dependent adjustment for other figure types

Marker Making I

production part • closed perimeter • piece parameter • preparation for the marker

Marker Making II

structure of the marker making • production style • marker information • marker

Marker Making III

production style • alteration service • part organisation • piece parameter

Marker Making IV

create marker • material •global buffer • efficiency • maximum length • piece information • sizes

Marker Making V

place pieces • marker user interface • marker making menu • efficiency • pre-lay area

Marker Making VI

functions of the menu • constant functions • flip/rotate parts • change properties • automatic laying

Pixel Images I - Background Images

pixel images in pattern making • load pixel images • pixel image as background image • size pixel image • show/hide pixel images

Pixel Images II - Logos

pixel images in pattern making • load pixel images • pixel image as logo • place logo • text label

Pixel Images III - Marker

pixel images in marker making • load pixel images • pixel images as material background/  with transparency


export types • preparation • DXF/ASTM/AAMA


import sizes • import settings • import formats