Read and update dongle

Read and Update Dongle

With the tool DongleTest you can read the dongle (C2V) and import updates (V2C).


Reading and importing is only possible on a Windows PC.
It is not possible on a virtual machine (e.g. Parallels).
If the dongle is plugged into the server, the process must happen directly there.

Mac User

Create C2V file

The tool DongleTest can only be used with the Mac on the Windows interface to create C2V files. Importing a V2C file is thus not possible on the Mac.

Read V2C file

To import a V2C file, install the following dongle driver on the Mac OS. This will only work on a Mac.

Dongledriver for Mac

Install the driver and open in your browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome) on the Mac side http://localhost:1947. This is the AdminControlCenter of the dongle. No internet is required.

Under "Update/Attach" you can import the V2C file into your dongle.